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Radiant skin, perfect smile, spectacular hair; Halston Sage ‘s natural beauty is definitely an ode to perfection. The Daughter of the Bride actress confessed to us that she has used the Clarins cleanser for many years and today, she is in love with the new Double Serum Light Texture from the same brand. Formulated with 21 powerful plant extracts, the anti-aging serum regenerates, brightens the skin and diminishes expression lines, without leaving the skin greasy. Halston was born in Los Angeles and as a child, she knew that she loved to make people laugh, so she decided to study acting, to focus specifically on comedy films. She has appeared in films like Paper Towns, How to Rock and this year she will debut as an executive producer in the film The List.
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L’Beauté – June 2023

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In a time where action-packed thrillers, fantasy books turned films and dramas are breaking records at the box office, there’s a clear genre gap missing where there didn’t used to be – the good, old fashioned romantic comedy. For actress Halston Sage, who grew up admiring the work of Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon, she’s hoping to help fill that gap in her latest film, Daughter of The Bride. Sage portrays Kate, who attempts to set up her single mother Diane (played by Marcia Gay Harden), and to her surprise, they quickly fall in love and the two work together to plan the wedding of her mother’s dreams. A mix of My Best Friend’s Wedding and a bit of Bridesmaids, it’s hilarious, romantic and emotional – everything you would want in a modern-day romcom. And in the film, Sage proves that her acting chops could easily stand up there with the heroines of the very films that have inspired her throughout her career.
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1883 Magazine

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Halston recently caught up with LA Confidential Magazine to talk about her new film, “Daughter of the Bride.” The article is accompanied by a few new portraits of Halston, here’s an excerpt from the article:

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, MarVista Enetertainment’s newest romantic comedy, Daughter of the Bride, zeroes in on mom and daughter duo Diane (Marcia Gay Harden) and Kate (Halston Sage), who are also best friends. Their close dynamic gets thrown for a loop when Diane announces her engagement to Bruce (Aidan Quinn), who she’s been secretly dating for a number of weeks. Though Kate has hardly ever seen her mom commit to a long-term relationship (a habit she has also picked up), she carries on with wedding planning and learning to let her mom be happy. All the while, Kate must navigate her own love life and career aspirations.

Daughter of the Bride hits theaters and on-demand services on Feb. 3. But before its premiere, star Halston Sage caught up with Los Angeles Confidential to dive into the movie. Filmed over the course of a month, Sage describes the “fun” shoot as idyllic and that the New Jersey town—just about 30 minutes outside of Manhattan— felt almost like being on a backlot.

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Los Angeles Confidential

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Halston has joined the cast of the new indie comedy from MarVista Entertainment and Particular Crowd that has entered production. The film with the working title of “Daughter of the Bride” also stars Marcia Gay Harden, Andrew Richardson and Aidan Quinn.

According to Deadline:

The film is directed by by Annette Haywood-Carter (Savannah) centers on Diane (Harden) and Kate (Sage) — mother and daughter and inseparable friends, whose lives are turned upside down when mom announces her engagement to a mystery man (Quinn) that she’s been dating for only a few weeks. In a series of comical events, Kate must come to terms with letting her mother be happy with someone else while she navigates her own love life and career aspirations. Kate subconsciously tries to sabotage the wedding plans, despite officiating the ceremony, and unexpectedly meets a mystery man (Richardson) of her own that seems too good to be true.

source: Deadline

Light that enters a prism refracts to become a rainbow, its beams bent and manipulated into something that stuns. There are people who are not used to that kind of light, who see brightness as something foreign and strange. There are others who would rather the light not enter their life at all, afraid of what it might reveal. Then, there are those who invite the light in – who, despite themselves and whatever fears they may harbor, are bursting at the seams with it – and the inevitable glow that follows testifies to the strength of their character.

“Risk taking is a part of life,” actress Halston Sage says, her words as incandescent as she is. “If you never take risks, you will never know what you are capable of doing. I am a big believer in making choices in life that are true to your values and your heart. If you know that the risk you are taking is for a cause that is true to what you believe in, then even if you fail, you will not have any regrets – you can only learn from the experience.”

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29 Flaunt Magazine – Issue 155 – August 2017

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