Beautiful, 20-year-old actress Halston Sage called us from her L.A. home to spill deets on all the fun she had filming the hilarious summer movie Grown Ups 2. Halston put in a season on the Nick series “How to Rock” and will soon be seen as Zac Efron’s girlfriend in the movie Townies.

Grown Ups 2 reunites some of the young cast from the first Grown Ups like “A.N.T. Farm’s” China Anne McClain and Cameron Boyce (Luke on “Jessie” on the Disney Channel). Halston was new to the gang and says she was welcomed into the film “family” from the beginning.

Shooting the movie was like summer camp complete with an ice cream pig-out and sightings of “Twilight’s” Taylor Lautner who plays a college fratboy in the movie. Was Halston Team Jacob or Team Edward? Check it out…

Kidzworld: Tell me about your character Nancy in the film.

Halston: She is kind of the girl next door and in school she’s Adam Sandler’s son’s love interest so there are some sparks that fly. She’s kind of the popular girl and he’s a little bit on the quieter, nerdy side and doesn’t really realize that he likes her back so he’s really awkward and funny around her. They have a lot of cute scenes together.

Kidzworld: How are you like Nancy and how are you different?

Halston: Nancy is your good, sweet high school girl and likes love. I’m 20 years old and I still love love. I hope I’m sweet. Just your everyday girl.

Kidzworld: A ton of teens want to know if you had any scenes with Taylor Lautner or did you meet him on set? Were you Team Jacob or Team Edward?

Halston: I didn’t have any scenes with him but I hear things went over really well. I saw his picture in the make-up trailer every day. It’s such a big cast that you shoot at different times. I did grow up reading the “Twilight” books. I feel guilty but I was always Team Edward. Nothing against Taylor, it’s just about the books.

Kidzworld: What was your favorite scene to film and why?

Halston: The one that stands out the most for me is my last night shooting. They had built a little ice cream parlor that looked like it had been there for years right outside of Boston. It was a beautiful summer day. It was real movie magic to just build something like that and film in there.
It was so fun. All of the kids were there and I was eating ice cream with sprinkles in my scene. At night it started pouring and we were hiding in tents listening to music to keep our energy up. We were shooting till like one or two in the morning but I couldn’t complain. The whole experience on Grown Ups 2 was like going to adult summer camp.

Kidzworld: Adam Sandler’s character Lenny in the movie decides to move his family from Hollywood to the suburbs for a more simple, real life. Did you grow up in Hollywood? If so, do you think you missed out on anything non-showbiz kids get to experience?

Halston: I did grow up in Los Angeles. I actually didn’t start acting until I was sixteen so I was very removed from the Hollywood scene. I had always been in my school plays but my mom and dad wanted to keep me out of the business until I was old enough to know who I was and not let anyone change me. At first I was frustrated with that because acting was my passion. They let me start auditioning when I was sixteen.
I don’t think I really missed out on anything. I’m really close with my family and family is the most important thing in my life. I grew up riding horses so I got that “country” taste I guess. I was at the barn every weekend and after school. I was really lucky to have a good group of family and friends around me to make my life normal. I went to a private, all girls’ high school. I was able to graduate from there.

Kidzworld: How was working with the adult “guys” in the movie (Adam, David, Chris and Kevin etc.?) Were they silly or strong and professional or both?

Halston: I’ve never met a group of people who work so hard but know how to have fun. They’re definitely down to business and get stuff done but they’ve been doing it for so long that they kind of have it down pat; how to be goofy but still be on schedule. It was a really good balance. But luckily no pranks.

Kidzworld: Did you hang out with any of the other younger cast members and go out to eat or do anything else fun off-set together?

Halston: Definitely. They had us in motels so we’d see each other there. I was actually filming the Nick show “How to Rock” at the same time so I was back and forth between Boston and L.A. but it was a really fun time. I got really good at sleeping on planes. It was about this time last year.
I’ve been good friends with Alexander Ludwig (from The Hunger Games) since we were thirteen. We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party and we’ve run into each other ever since. I ran into him at an “IN-N-OUT Burger” in San Diego. We’ve popped into each other’s lives randomly. We’re destined to be friends. Also it was great to make new friends. The ones coming back from the first movie were so welcoming and ready to meet us.

Kidzworld: Are there any clothing designers you are super into? How would you describe your personal style?

Halston: I love edgy. I think it’s cool when younger girls take on sense of style that is unique to their personality. I’m pretty simple. I’m in jeans and a tank top pretty much every day. I love Rag and Bone. I think, for red carpet stuff, Halston Heritage has come back. There was a famous designer a few years ago named Halston and they are making a comeback. I’ve been talking to them. That’s who I’m lovin’ right now.
Kidzworld: What bands or music artists are you into?

Halston: My all time favorites are Jack Johnson and John Mayer. I also really like The Black Keys; all different kinds of music really. I did play guitar growing up and I sing a lot in my car. Acting is my love, not a music career.

Kidzworld: What career do you think you might have enjoyed if you weren’t into acting?

Halston: You’re going to laugh but growing up I wanted to be a dentist. I used to pull out my friends’ teeth when we were little. I was the designated tooth puller. I got this rep for being painless and quick. Then, as I got older, I was really interested in Journalism and writing.

Kidzworld: What else can we see you in? Something called Townies with Seth Rogan and Zac Efron?

Halston: Yeah. I play a sorority girl named Brooke and she is Zac Efron’s girlfriend in the movie so I got a little taste of college. I’m at that age where I’m hearing all these college stories from my friends who are at school. It was different than any set I’d been on because there was a lot of improv which was fun and exciting and keeps you on your toes.
Also, I’m about to start filming a show for NBC called “Crisis” (she plays Gillian Anderson’s daughter!). It’s not a comedy. I play Amber and she’s president of her class in Washington, D.C. when they all get kidnapped on a field trip. Their parents are all high powered people forced to do some crazy stuff to protect those they love. I can’t wait to start filming it. Another great cast; kids to adults.

Kidzworld: Cap this off by telling us why tweens and teens will especially enjoy seeing Grown Ups 2 ?

Halston: There is something for everyone. The parents going are going to love it, the teens and the kids. There is all kinds of humor and great actors. It’s summer fun. You can go and forget about all your worries and enjoy it. Doesn’t matter who you are with. Everyone needs to laugh.
Grown Ups 2 is in theathers July 12th!

source: KidzWorld