Diane (Marcia Gay Harden) and Kate (Halston Sage) are not only mother and daughter but also best friends. Their lives are turned upside down, however, when Diane announces her engagement to a man named Bruce (Aidan Quinn), whom she’s been secretly dating. In a series of comical events, Kate must come to terms with letting her mother be happy with someone else while she navigates her own love life and career aspirations. As Diane falls deeper in love, Kate worries that their close-knit relationship will be forever changed–and not for the better; so, she subconsciously tries to sabotage the wedding plans (despite officiating it). While Katie tries to get her mom to slow down and reconsider this obvious calamitous life decision, she finds herself falling for her handsome neighbor, Josh (Andrew Richardson)–the right guy at the totally wrong time.
Synopsis via Rotten Tomatoes

The film is in theatres for a limited release starting February 3rd 2023 and is also available on demand to buy or rent via Amazon Prime Video now!